Eclipse Tip: How to find help when using eclipse projects with little documentation (for example EMF, GMF, etc.)

When using Eclipse Modeling Tools I'm constantly struggling to find up to date tutorials to help me accomplish what I want. Of course I know about vogella but some obscure topics about my topic of interest (modeling tools with eclipse) are not represented there. However, there is a resource that seems to get forgotten often.

The resource I'm talking about is the eclipse help.

It really sounds stupid but the problem is that some really cool documentation gets archived there and it doesn't always appear as the first result in Google or even in the help for the latest release. Another problem is that we the existence of Google and Stackoverflow we have almost forgotten that some programs have a built-in help system. 

To give you an example, if you take the EMF Validation Framework, it describes several features in its webpage. However, there is no pointer to where you can learn how to use those features. Even the EMF Book (which I own) doesn't mention some of those features! If you go to the help of the latest release now (Kepler) you'll find hardly any information about it. However, if you go to the Helios help page you'll find a beautiful programmer guide that details all of that functionality and even more.

As a latest resource, here is the official website that points to the help for the latests releases of Eclipse:

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